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Read through about how our coaching system works below, or opt in to take part in our introductory week!

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What is SYN Gymnastics?

SYN Gymnastics is an Online Gymnastics Strength programme that develops Athletes’ skills over 4 levels of training. The system carefully progresses athletes from various starting points to the end of the system. At the end of Level 4, athletes will be able to express power and confidence with the basics of Gymnastics Strength Training and all the major skills of Functional Fitness.

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How does it work?

The SYN Gymnastics Level System

Athletes begin by identifying their starting level by using the mapped out SYN Timeline to assess their current abilities.

After joining, they are registered to the App, and their programme is assigned. They then follow SYN training cycles and focus on developing their strength with the pool of drills & progressions relevant to their ability.

When the pre requisites for the next level are achieved, new doors are opened, and training becomes gradually harder!

All programmes are viewed through the app, with a specific SYN Instructional video for each exercise.

Athletes results are 10x faster when they are coached. It is extremely valuable when it comes to producing predictable results and quality movement. Even the most studious athletes will make positional faults or miss out on understanding specific tension cues that can slow down progress.

This is why we offer two coaching options for our athletes.

Group Coaching

All of our athletes receive supplemental materials the night before each training session to help with execution, and will receive guidance from SYN Coaches on one movement per session in the SYN training group.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is our platinum service for athletes who are looking to invest in a working 1-1 with an SYN Coach on their journey.

They upload videos straight to the app for each session and visual critiquing and feedback on all movements each session, are given.


Our clients train 3 days per week on the Supplement plan
or 5 days per week on the Comprehensive plan.

Sessions on both plans are 60 minutes long.

If our client is taking on the SYN Lifting add-on, the sessions extend to 90 minutes long.

Each training session includes:

  • Gymnastics Warm Ups
  • Activation & Prehab
  • Strength & Skill work
  • Mobility & Flexibility


Here is the timeline of the SYN Gymnastics Journey from start to finish.

Have a virtual walk through the timeline and see where you might fit into this journey currently.

Level 1A - Foundations

There are no pre - requisites to starting Foundations, but it is advised that you are have a background in exercise for 3 months or more, and you are motivated to train 5 days per week.

After Completion:

After completing Foundations you will be able to perform the following:

  • Pull-Ups x 2
  • Push Up x 6
  • Headstands
  • Kick Up to Wall Handstand
  • Wall Climbs
  • Parallettes - Basics
  • Floor Core - Basics
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"Foundational Level"

Athletes will be focusing on all the correct activations and positions with the basics and building the strength necessary to achieve their first reps of skills like The Pull-Up, The Push Up and the Kick Up to Handstand.

Level 1B - BRIDGE

Athletes will begin Bridge when they have completed all tasks from Foundations

After Completion:

After completing Bridge you will be able to perform the following:

  • Pull-Ups x 4
  • Parallel Bar Dips x 5
  • Ring Push Ups x 8
  • 30s Crow Hold
  • Efficient Handstand Shape
  • 5s Freestanding Handstand
  • Wall HS Weight Shifting
  • Ring Supports & Grips – Beginner
  • 10s Parallette L-Sit
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"Bridging the gap"

This level is called “Bridge” because we are bridging the gap between the complete beginner and intermediate trainee. This is where we introduce our athletes to basic Ring training and prepare for Handstand Push Ups with beginner bent arm balancing.

Level 2 - ELEMENTS

An athlete will begin Elements when they have completed all tasks from Bridge.

After Completion:

After completing Elements you will be able to perform the following:

  • Pull-Ups x 8
  • Strict Wall HSPU x 2
  • Ring Dips x 8
  • Ring Supports & Grips – Intermediate
  • Ring Muscle-Up Negatives
  • Skin The Cat (Tuck)
  • Pistol Squats
  • 20s Crane Hold
  • Handstand Walk x 5m
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"the core Elements"

At level 2, Athletes are challenged with harder Ring training and the first Handstand Push Ups will be seen on the wall.Strict straight arm work prepares our athletes for Bar Muscle-Ups and our athletes will realise their first freestanding Handstands from the Wall and in the middle of the room.

Level 3 - ARES

Athletes will begin Ares when they have completed all tasks from Elements.

After Completion:

After completing Ares you will be able to perform the following:

  • Pull-Ups x 12
  • Strict Wall HSPU x 6
  • Strict Ring Muscle-Up x 2
  • Kipping Bar Muscle-Ups x 3
  • 15s Tuck Handstand
  • Skin The Cat x 1
  • 20s Tuck Planche
  • Front Splits
  • 10m Handstand Walk
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"Advanced training"

At level 3, with competency established in the Pull-Up and Ring strength, the first Strict Ring Muscle-Up and Bar Muscle-Ups will be achieved, with good form! This is also where Dynamic Ring training (e.g swings) are introduced so our fitness athletes can develop their strict strength into efficient Kipping reps.

Level 4 - ICARUS

After Completion:

  • 18 Strict Pull-Ups
  • 10ft L-Sit Rope Climb x 1
  • Strict Wall HSPU x 12
  • Ring Muscle-Up x 5
  • Bar Muscle-Up x 8
  • 30s + Freestanding Handstand
  • Press to Handstand
  • 10s Back Lever
  • Middle Splits
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"Home Run"