SYN Gymnastics has motivated me to work harder than ever before.

- Sarah Hill

It's time to begin your journey to
Bodyweight Mastery

The SYN Gymnastics is a mapped out coaching journey that develops Athletes skills from a few Pull-Ups and a handful of
Toes-to-Bar at Level 1... all the way to 5 Ring Muscle-Ups and 10 Strict Handstand Push Ups at the end of Level 3.

Athletes can begin their training at any of the 3 Levels in the system, but only by tackling an Assessment and a few basics first in an order we want it done.

You're one step away from exposing yourself to a coaching system & community you'll feel was made all for you.

Get things off to the best possible start by going through the Introduction process for free.

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Simon isn’t just a great coach, he really cares about us and wants to get to know us. It makes us do the same and that’s what makes this group so great!


Heidrun Finnsdottir - (CrossFit Reykjavik)

“Simon really has a unique coaches eye, and he helps me understand the finer details of movement which I love. Getting a ring muscle up was fantastic, and now stringing them together is a dream come true!”

SYN Gymnastics Athlete

Kristin Bjorgvinsdottir - (CrossFit Reykjavik)

“If it wasn’t for Simons extra curricular work that I did outside of classes, I probably still wouldn’t be able to do pull ups”. ​


Rebecca Shirley (UNIT 22 CrossFit)

"After struggling for years to progress with my gymnastics, Simon has helped more than any coach before"
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