Group / Individual Coaching

Where the magic happens


Group coaching athletes will be invited to the coaching page for their Level on Facebook.

The night before each training session, I post a selection of material like the photo above, with coaching commentary for the session they are about to take on.

This commentary is often times in audio format and covers things like technical execution, how to fully engage muscle, and the “why” behind how things are connected in the programme.

Athletes share their work to these posts, and SYN Coaches provide technical feedback to these select movements.


Athletes on a Monthly Review Subscription will have Assessments every 4 weeks.

This is an opportunity for Athletes who want to have semi-regular access to personalised coaching, but cannot afford, or do not wish to have the regular 1-1 every week.

In the Monthly Assessment, athletes movement will be broken down with all skills relevant to the Level they are currently in.

Technical improvements, addressing weaknesses, exposing movement faults on a regular basis are all key to long term consistent progress.


Anyone you’ve seen on Instagram that moves well, or has gone through a rapid transformation is having Individual Coaching. Having my eye on your movement, making tweaks every week is invaluable.

Individual clients are expected to upload 1 video per exercise EACH training session to the TrueCoach app for technical review.

This technical review involves side-by-side visual demonstrations of errors and improvements needed in execution.

This feedback turns any programme into an individualised plan with coaching that adds up to being on par with 1-1 personal training.

This takes up alot of time each week, and is why it is more than double the cost of the programme itself.

Individual coaching athletes will also have access to the Group Coaching page on Facebook for their level.