SYn programme Formats

SYN Gymnastics has two programme formats in the coaching sytem.


  • Our full time, transformational coaching programme.
  • Athletes train 5 days per week, for 45-60 minutes.
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  • Give your gymnastics skills a boost with our Supplement plan.
  • Athletes train 3 days per week for 45-60 minutes alongside their current programme or gym classes.
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What’s the difference between Comprehensive & Supplement?

The Supplement programme is a condensed, shortened version of our full training programme. It’s the choice for those that wish to keep their current training programme, such as class WOD’s, but give it a Gymnastics boost. The level system is the same.

Do I still get coached on the Supplement Plan?

Yes. Our Comprehensive and Supplement Athletes are all part of the same group. The Supplement Athletes are simply working through a smaller body of work.

If I start with Supplement, can I change to Comprehensive later?

Yes, you can change plans anytime. All members have a website login where they can select the plan they wish to change to, and the system will update your membership automatically! Easy!