Comprehensive Programme
- 5 Days

Here you will find an outline of the coaching programme and information about each level in our system, so you can accurately place yourself.

SYN - 5 DAY Programme objectives:

  • Dips
  • Pull-Ups
  • Bar Muscle-Ups
  • Ring Muscle-Ups
  • Rope Climbs
  • TTB & Compression strength
  • HS Walking
  • Handstand & Press Handstands
  • One Legged Squats
  • Flexibility & Active Mobility

Level 1A - Foundations

Level 1B - BRIDGE

Level 2 - ELEMENTS

Level 3 - ARES

Level 4 - ICARUS


How long are the Gymnastics Sessions?

SYN Comprehensive Gymnastics Sessions are 45-60 minutes in length, 5 days per week.

Each training session will contain these 3 major elements:

  • Specific warm-ups & activations
  • Strength & Skill work
  • Relevant Mobility training
What is the cancellation policy? / How do I cancel?

If you decide you want to stop before you complete the system, you can cancel at anytime by going to the website and visiting the "my account" section.

After cancelling, you will continue to have access to the programming and the training group until your next payment date, at which point it will be lost.

Once a subscription goes out, it will not be refunded, so if you are intending to leave, you must remember to cancel your subscription before your next payment is due.

How and when do I know to upgrade to the next level?

We are your coaches, we have a system that takes care of this!

Every 3 weeks, we perform an Athlete “Check-In” for our entire client base. All clients will be given a link to fill out a short questionnaire for their level. If they tick off all of the training targets for that level, SYN Coaches will upgrade the programme assignment in the App.

In addition:

You will always be able to view all of your specific training goals in the App. And you will also be able to input data points for each Metric of your level. This allows you to view your progress over time in graph format for each progression & skill.

Which level should I choose? I think i'm between levels!

This is the most commonly asked question, and it’s usually because potential new clients get the impression their decision on this is “final”. It’s not.

If you overestimated or underestimated your abilities, even with the guidelines we have laid out for each level, your assignment can be changed with the click of a button on our end. There’s no re-subscribing or anything complicated. Once you’re in our system, we take care of you.

That said, it is always the recommendation to join the lower level if you believe you are in between levels.

It is never the case that someone comes in with perfect, “SYN standard” technique. Never. You will always need to adjust your movement standards to the way WE want you to execute them.

Your first month is always going to be learning how to move and execute everything to our standards, and then you progress from there. If you come in at the higher level, you are risking not being able to do it the way we want, but coming in at the lower level will enable you to complete it faster, and then level-up with good movement standards.

What if I miss sessions, and fall behind?

There are two potential scenarios here:

1 – Missed 1 or 2 sessions:

If you miss 1 or 2 sessions, you need to catch up on the work with your biggest weaknesses. The things that are holding you back from advancing to the next level. If your Pull-Up Game is strong at L2, but your Handstand Push Ups are holding you back from L3, you need to catch up on the HSPU work, and you can afford to skip the Pull-Up work in order to catch up.

2 – Missed several weeks:

If you missed several weeks, for whatever reason, the best course of action is to start again at the week you missed, until the group reaches it’s next Deload. (We deload every 6 weeks). You will then join the rest of the group on the Deload week, and then continue on fully caught up with the group.