SYN Gymnastics Seminars

When it comes to gymnastics in functional fitness, there is currently a “gap” in available coaching and instruction for the beginner to intermediate trainee.

The current model of class programming caters well to Athletes who can already do the "RX" bodyweight skills of functional fitness...

But athletes that can't do these movements, cannot reach this level simply by following "scales".

A different approach is needed. The programming needs tweaking to provide more breakdowns, and the volume of gymnastics strength progressions needs to match or overshadow the weightlifting component that dominates most affiliates classes.

The problem is knowing HOW to do all of this.

SYN Gymnastics mission is to be the key player in changing the landscape of functional fitness, and provide coaches and athletes with the tools to bridge this gap effectively.

At this seminar, Athletes will be run through what pristine execution of “The Basics” feels like, so they can build transferrable strength to harder skills, make linear progress, and stay on the injury free path.

Attendees are exposed to the progression system for each skill in a "flow".

Cues and breakdowns build gradually as each progression is mastered so the important information is "internalised" and not forgotten.

Rather than having all theory explained at once, athletes are taken through this flow of practical work, and the relevant theory is picked up in lecture format after each section to solidify the learning process.

The Seminar is interweaved with the relevant Mobility & Flexibility work for each skill as it appears throughout the day.

Coaches that attend this seminar will gain knowledge and experience in how to make changes to their regular class structure, and be confident in putting on specific gymnastics strength classes at their affiliates.

All participants receive the SYN Gymnastics training handbook, which is 28 pages of material that covers the coaching system spread over 3 levels. The material includes a training "map" for each level which outlines benchmarks needed to achieve to advance through the system.

Here is the weekend Seminar breakdown:

CrossFit Hengill – Iceland

CrossFit SJD – Barcelona


DAY 1 - Saturday

9:00am - 3:30pm (1 Hour Lunch)


  • Warm up exercises, positions & shapes.


  • Scapula Activation & Flexibility for Pull-Ups.
  • Chest-to-Bar Strength & Mobility.


  • Coaching The Foundations of Bodyweight Pressing.
  • Technical Breakdown of The Push Up.
  • Ring Dips
  • Strict HSPU Progression System.


  • Shoulder Rehab / Prehab.
  • Programming System & Review for Pull-Ups & HSPU.


  • Straight Arm Strength
  • Belly-to-Bar Pulling
  • Transition Positions
  • Entries

DAY 2 - Sunday

9:00am - 3:30pm (1 Hour Lunch)


  • Toes-to-Bar Strength & Skill requirements.
  • Hip Flexibility + L-Sit Development.
  • Compression drills & Floor Core.
  • Toes-to-Bar Specific Drills.


  • Shoulder Flexibility & Shape for Handstands.
  • Inversion progressions for efficient strength.
  • Understanding Handstand alignment.
  • Freestanding Handstands + Handstand Walking


  • Coaching The Ring Muscle-Up.
  • Strict Muscle-Up Strength Pre-requisites.
  • The varying requirements of Strict & Kipping Muscle-Ups.
  • False Grip Development & wrist strength.
  • Strict transitions
  • Kipping transitions.

Charge CrossFit - Melbourne, Australia (11th - 12th January 2020)

January 11, 2020

£ 0.00 GBP

‍CrossFit Zenith - Adelaide, Australia (18-19th Jan 2020)

January 18, 2020

£ 0.00 GBP

M Squared Fitness - Manchester, UK (8th - 9th February 2020)

February 8, 2020

£ 0.00 GBP

CrossFit Nidus, Stonehouse, U.K - (22nd - 23rd February 2020)

February 22, 2020

£ 0.00 GBP

Crossfit AlphaDen Lisbon, Portugal, (14-15th March 2020)

March 14, 2020

£ 145.00 GBP

CrossFit Wiesbaden, Germany (21st- 22nd March 2020)

March 21, 2020

£ 0.00 GBP

CrossFit Sennestadt, Bielefeld, Germany (28-29th March 2020)

March 28, 2020

£ 145.00 GBP

CrossFit Mechelen, Belgium (4th - 5th April 2020)

April 4, 2020

£ 0.00 GBP

CrossFit Gold Pact, Rotterdam, April 18-19th 2020

April 18, 2020

£ 145.00 GBP

Studio CrossFit - Barcelona (9th - 10th May 2020)

May 9, 2020

£ 145.00 GBP

CrossFit Camp Major, Marseille, France (13-14th June 2020)

June 13, 2020

£ 145.00 GBP

CrossFit Bicester, U.K, October 3-4th 2020

October 3, 2020

SYN Coaches Prep Course (L1) - £405

£ 405.00 GBP
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‍Rotterdam, 5 tickets - Ingrid.

December 4, 2019