When it comes to gymnastics in functional fitness, there is currently a “gap” in available coaching and instruction for the beginner to intermediate trainee.The current model of class programming caters well to Athletes who can already do the bodyweight skills of functional fitness.But athletes that can't do these movements, cannot reach this level simply by throwing a “scaled” option at them.

A different approach is needed. The programming and class structure needs tweaking to include breakdowns, and the volume of gymnastics strength progressions needs to match or overshadow the weightlifting component that dominates most classes.

Most coaches are afraid to do this through fear of “boring” their members, AND they see it as MORE coaching work than they already have on their plate.

Actually the complete opposite is true.

On this course you will learn how to make life much easier for yourself, while at the same increasing the effectiveness of the service you provide.You will learn all about the principles of well organised strength flows for different skills. Sessions that have mixed ability groups progressing quickly and having fun.  And you will learn about how the most effective coaching methods are the ones that actually save you energy as well.This is an entire system that will change how you programme & coach fitness classes, and specific gymnastics workshops.

And we do ALL of this without taking time away from the precious, coveted WOD.

Many coaches are under a delusion that, like them, their members also do not enjoy gymnastics and all they want is to lift and sweat. So why invest time and energy into it? If this were the case, how would SYN Athlete Seminars be selling out all over the world, and SYN classes have multiple wait lists in local affiliates?

The athletes coming to these Seminars are the same athletes that are making up the majority of your client / membership base or POTENTIAL client base. They’re the ones with between 0-6 Pull-Ups, and they’re the ones paying your bills.

It’s not 2012 anymore. You can’t rely on the name of your gym to bring in new clients that are ready to sign up straight away because of something they’ve seen on YouTube. And you certainly can’t expect to keep them for the same reason. Not anymore.

You, as a coach, have a prime opportunity to learn how to better cater to the mass market both from a results standpoint, and a business standpoint. This isn’t just about gymnastics, it’s about the entire approach.

More energy, more time, a better business, and systems that you can use to grow your team.

The SYN Gymnastics Coaches course

Course Outline:

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