Welcome to SYN Gymnastics Bespoke Programming & Coaching! 

This is an application to have individualised programming blocks specifically designed for you by SYN Gymnastics owner Simon Nieland. You’ll also work 1-1 with Simon each week, having your movement expertly scrutinised. This ensures all movements are developed properly, and any weaknesses or mistakes are quickly evaluated and addressed.


The process is as follows:

You’ll need to fill out & submit the below application, together with videos of you attempting each of the skills written below this section.

It doesn’t matter if you cannot perform some of the skills in the assessment. 

But we MUST see a video of you attempting each of them so we can complete our assessment. If you cannot attempt an exercise for whatever reason, simply upload a video explaining to us what’s holding you back e.g. cannot kick up to Handstand. 

Once you have submitted your application with the videos, we will contact you to arrange a video or voice call consultation. 

As well as going through your assessment, we will also discuss everything that the entire training process will involve:

  • Training targets & time frames
  • Programme Design
  • Your unique training volume.
  • Process for ongoing remote coaching
  • Cost

The cost of the consultation video call is £80.

Attending the consultation does not obligate you to continue with the training service, and the consultation fee is even refundable up to a period of 48 hours before the agreed time.

Any consultation cancellations after the 48 hour time frame are non refundable.


  • Strict Pull-Up x AMRAP
  • Push Ups x 10 (your best form)
  • Hanging Leg Lifts (or Strict Toes-to-Bar) x 5
  • 20s Pancake Stretch Hold 
  • (Unweighted) Jefferson Curl x 5
  • Barbell Overhead Press 1RM
  • Strict (back to wall) HSPU x AMRAP
  • Standing PVC Dislocation (narrowest width you are able to achieve) x 5
  • 20s Chest to Wall Handstand 
  • 20s Downward Dog pose
  • ¼ Bridge Reps x 3 / side 


  • Video in portrait mode, not landscape.
  • Ensure your entire body is IN the shot.
  • Ensure nothing is blocking the view of you performing the exercise.
  • Video from a front / side angle.
  • Please use your phone’s trim function so that only the work performed is included in the video.

Please do not submit any videos of you walking to / from the camera, or including any other footage that involves us having to spend time scrolling to find what we’re looking for.


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Upload videos to a shared coud storage folder and share the link here for our review.

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