SYN Podcasts

SYN Podcast Episode 4

Gymnastics & Weightlifting

Weightlifting & Gymnastics are arguably the sexiest forms of fitness known to man. However, combining both modalities in a program can be tricky when the goal is to improve simultaneously.

In this week's episode, Steven and Simon explore the common pitfalls of combining these modalities and how to intelligently train them both in your training sessions.

SYN Podcast Episode 3

What about cardio?

Now that gyms all over the world are starting to open back up, the SYN community wants to know how to effectively incorporate cardio back into their routine without sacrificing their gymnastics goals.

Simon and Steven share a framework for prioritizing your goals, a model for understanding cardiovascular training, and practical advice on how to implement a progressive strategy to keep you on the gain train.

SYN Podcast Episode 2

Getting Strong as a Beginner

In this episode, Steven and Simon explore the current global landscape of gymnastics strength training and the obstacles faced by beginners.

They take a deep dive into the attributes the beginner will want to focus on as well as practical advice on how to structure a training week.

SYN Podcast Episode 1

How to coach Gymnastics Skills with mixed ability groups

In Episode 1 of the SYN Podcast, SYN coaches Steven Hightower and Simon Nieland discuss the problem of how to cater to mixed ability groups in Functional Fitness and Gymnastic specific type classes.

Many coaches, (and athletes) can relate to this issue, and in the very first Episode of this show, the SYN Coaches delve into the history of class coaching over the last 10 years, and outline the specifics of how to easily solve this problem.

Listeners will learn about how to improve the efficiency of class coaching, and how to extract results of every member, without compromising on any demographic or ability level.