SYN Testimonials - Programmes


Kristin Bjorgvinsdottir, Reykjavik

I have always struggled the most with gymnastics in my  training and this year I promised myself to focus on fixing that.

Simon really has a unique coaches eye. Sometimes I know something is wrong, but I’m not sure how to fix it, but Simon is able to explain to me instantly and help me understand.

Getting a ring muscle up was awesome, stringing them now together is a dream come true.


Heidrun Finnsdottir, Rejkyavik

A good coach is someone who pushes you, supports you and listens to you. It’s someone who sees your potential and knows how to get the best performance out of you while making sure you’re enjoying your training every step of the way. That’s Simon.

But, he’s not just a good coach, he actually cares about all of us. He takes the time to get to know us all, and it makes us want to do the same! It’s what makes this group so great.


Sommer Reed, Markham

I came across this program while browsing Instagram one day and I am so happy that I did!

I had been working on achieving a bar muscle up for quite a while and with Simon’s help I was able to get not just one, but many within a few weeks. His drills are unique and creative and his feedback is very precise. He is incredibly responsive and so enthusiastic about everyone’s success. The rest of the group is so supportive! I’m really looking forward to what comes next, new skills and improving on some of the old ones too.


Tanja Davidsdottir, Reykjavik

I love the exercises in SYN Gymnastics! I have tried many programmes in the past but this one is the best I’ve ever used.​

In one week Simon’s programme highlighted weaknesses I never knew I had, and I considered myself to be fairly advanced. I also love the way he coaches. He shows me how I can improve every week and I always look forward to seeing his feedback.


Skye Pember

Since starting SYN Gymnastics, I have gone from frustration at my gymnastics to seeing actual results! I love that I get my own program emailed to me that includes personalised feedback on my video submissions. Looking back, I can see how far I’ve come, I can’t wait for the next 6 months and where this program takes me!


Fernanda Santos

At first I did not believe this program could help me, but I admired Simon so I tried…. and suddenly things started to happen and I became stronger and more confident to try new gymnastics drills.
The programme is awesome and I don’t have word to describe how I like Simon Nieland, he makes me feel like we know each other and to me this makes the whole difference.


Kate May

Having filled in a short questionnaire and completed a few one to one sessions, Simon instantly identified my strengths and weaknesses better than any coach ever has! The way in which he breaks down the skills really works for me and the individualised programming focuses on exactly what I need!


Daniela Marcao

The programme breakdowns are so easy everyone can follow, but you are going to have to work for it! Give it time and trust the program..15 min a day and you’ll find that your lats are alive!


Orsolya Dargai

After 2.5 years, I was still struggling with basic gymnastic movements. I found Simon and his posts about his athletes on IG. I decided that one day I will be one of his most successful athletes. He is an amazing coach and a wonderful person. Always ready to help any of his athletes. He can easily “diagnose” my weaknesses, which is a great step forward my improvement – to know, what to work on to reach my goals. So, altogether finding Simon was one of the best things in my life.


Priscilla O’Sullivan

I sent Simon Nieland a video of my handstand push-ups for analysis to see if he could help me fix it, his feed back identified three or four weaknesses and offered advice on how I could go about improving with a detailed explanation of the why behind the weaknesses, that was my reason for subscribing to the programme, I am now two weeks in and have already seen huge improvements in my arm strength my flexibility and my confidence. Simon is the secret that should be shared. Who knew Gymnastics could be such fun!


Thora Sigmarsdottir

The best thing I have done to improve my overall game. The programming that Simon does is so smart and focuses on improving in some of the most difficult movements you have to master.
I am “only” doing the supplemental programming and even though there are SO MANY things I have still to improve I feel there are already so many that already have. Additionally to smart programming, Simon is also a very dedicated coach that takes good care of his athletes and always gives feedback that is of value.


Bridget Gibbs

So glad I joined up to SYN Gymnastics when I did, it’s allowed me to achieve things I never thought I could do (NEVER thought i’d get Butterfly!) Gymnastics has always been a huge weakness for me! It’s structured and he’s super knowledgeable and he makes it so easy to follow!!


Michelle Hill

This is an online program with a community feel. Simon is accessible and has honest, constructive feedback. His drills are cleverly designed to break down complex movements. I love the aha moments when it all comes together. Highly recommended if you want to build strength and technique.


Fifi Thysell

The perfect supplement for any program. 10-15 min extra a day to keep the gymnastic fear away. No but honestly, it’s really encouraging to do all these drills which have perfect instruction videos- always. It’s both fun and challenging and it makes you feel like there’s hope to become not-sucky!!
Never come across a coach that ACTUALLY cares like Simon does, he cares for every single one of his SYNers


Mart Shicktanz

The point is: This is personal training, even though it’s online.

This is awesome training:
You’ll benefit from Simon‘s incredible knowledge and on-point-comments – he sees the origin of a problem, not just the symptoms. His weekly themed video analysis on common mistakes are pure gold! The programme is flexible and always adapts to your level. It’s strategic and puts one brick on the other: You will always know, why you do this or that and where this will lead you.

And this is personal:
Simon actually cares about your progress, he encourages, challenges, guides everyone in the group to the goals and out of the comfort zone to achieve things you’d never thought you can reach.
The international group of athletes on all levels is a great support as well, inspiring and motivating!